E Book Giveaway; I Choose Cupcake Charm

Hi all… First of all, I’d like to introduce myself. I am Arman, Esther’s husband. As you all may have noticed that Esther hasn’t updated her blog for a while. Well, we can’t blame her because she’s been super busy lately. After getting through the ups and downs during her pregnancy, now our two adorable kids (and… ehm… also me, I guess? :P) keep her busy 24 hours a day (she’s still exclusively breastfeeding our baby, and yet she can manage to cook for me and our son, taking and picking up my son to and from school, assisting with his homeworks, doing house chores, and on, and on, and on…)

Yes, that’s how devoted Esther is as a mother and wife. She even has stopped her home cupcake and cake business because she doesn’t have time to do this anymore (during this period of time, she still got few calls from people who wanted to order cakes after seeing her Bite ‘n Bite website, but unfortunately she has to turn them down), even though I know how much she loves and misses baking and cake decorating.

Until… she found this Cupcake Charm e-book. This book somehow has reminded her again about her passion on cupcakes and cake decorating. I still remembered how excited she was when she showed me this book, and I agreed with her right away that this book was very impressive! After seeing this book, she became very passionate again about baking and cake decorating. I know for sure that she really wants this book!

And it seems like a coincidence that at the same time Chita has this e-book giveaway on her blog! So… as a good husband (ehm!), I told Esther that I’m going to write a blog about this Cupcake Charm e-book to participate on Chita’s giveaway. Who knows I can win and give this e-book as a gift for my beloved wife? *fingers crossed*

This Cupcake Charm e-book is basically about cupcake! Haha! The author, Joanne Ong, is a very talented baker who lives in Australia (Chita… Can you see that this is meant to be? The book author lives in Australia, and so do you! *I know, I just push it too hard! :P*). Esther and I love her style on the fondant decoration. It looks simple yet very classy. And on this e-book, she will show the instructions on how to do her decorations. How exciting is that? Esther really wants to know how Joanne does it. There must be some tricks and tips that Esther can learn from Joanne.

And you know what, even though my daughter is only 6 month old now, right after I saw this Cupcake Charm book cover, I know for sure (and I even already begged Esther to do this) that there will be a princess figurine (as you can see on the e-book cover) on my daughter’s first birthday cake! Haha! Do you think I’m crazy to think about this 6 month early?? Well… you can see yourself how cute the princess figurine that Joanne made on this e-book cover and I bet you will agree with me! 😀

So, Chita, I really hope that you will choose me as a winner on your giveaway because I will guarantee you that this e-book will bring joy in our little family!

7 thoughts on “E Book Giveaway; I Choose Cupcake Charm

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  2. Vote this as the winner … (loh, gada perintah suruh ngevote yaa??) hehhehee, andaiiii semua suami di dunia model gini …. andaiii semua istri di dunia model giniiii, pasti dunia bakalan aman tentrem damaiii yak?? *gag nyambung.com*

    @Arman : perasaan, gue main ke blog esher krn kangen baca tulisan doi … ealaaah, sampe sini, ketemunya sama Arman lagiiih??? wakakakakakkakak dasaarrr si maha hadiirr! :p

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